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Christmas tree out, houseplant in

Christmas 2020 has been celebrated and the new year is just around the corner. Time to take down the Christmas tree… and fill the corner with green again! These houseplants are on trend in 2021. Click and read more!

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Companion planting: let’s mix & match!

Inspire your customers with the hip companion planting trend. A trend that can be applied to house plants and garden plants! Read more on how to easily put different plants together here.

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Calathea for the art lovers

The Calathea is a real work of art. It has ornamental leaves, all kinds of beautiful shapes ánd a few special skills. These are our favourite Calathea artworks.

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Spotted: plants with extraordinary prints

Interior magazines are full of it; plants with the most eye catching prints on their leaves. We call it; a little miracle of mother nature! In this blog we've listed our favorites. 

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Bathroom plants

After a long, hot shower, your bathroom might look like a tropical rainforest. This month you can complete the look of this tropical atmosphere with the house plants of May: bathroom plants! Warmth, humidity and shade are what these plants need to make them grow. We have listed the 4 perfect bathroom plants for you! 

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