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Trend alert: create a natural & calm place

"PURE" is the new trend. It is about creating a nice place where you can literally feel the calmness, relax & unwind and get new energy - which is necessary in these turbulent times. 

We are happy to help creating such a natural, calm place with the beauty of nature. Think of round shapes, matte colors and materials such as stone, clay, wood and paper. Totally trendy: paper dried flowers in marble vases! Soft, cuddly materials also contribute to creating a friendly, warm place. 

The plants within this interior trend also have the cuddlingrate, such as the Peperomia Hovaria, the Delosperma echinatum and the Begonia Masoniana. In addition, plants with coarse branches and strong trunks also fit in with the PURE trend. Enjoy the purity of nature! A sturdy Beaucarnea in the corner of the room, or the Hydnophytum Papuanum (also known as the "Maze" plant) on the wall shelf.

View the photos of the new inspiration wall below and get inspired…. You can shop directly online - we have already collected some plants and accessories for you at the bottom of this page! Are you planning on visiting our GTC? Then check our Covid-measures on our website.