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Christmas tree out, houseplant in

Christmas 2020 has been celebrated and the new year is just around the corner. Time to take down the Christmas tree… and fill the corner with green again! These houseplants are on trend in 2021.

Ficus microcarpa "Ginseng"

Thick, capricious roots that are partly visible above the potting soil: this Ficus has the appearance of a Bonsai but in size XXL. The Ficus microcarpa "Ginseng" creates a relaxing atmosphere in the house - exactly what we want for the start of the new year.

Yucca in style

There are two types of Yucca houseplants: the Yucca Aloifolia can be recognized by the long, spear-shaped leaves, the leaves of the Yucca Elephantipes are wider and its leaf tips are less sharp. Do you want to keep the festive holiday vibes a little longer? Wrap a string of lights around the sturdy trunk!

Spathiphyllum "Bingo Cupid"

The Spathiphyllum "Bingo Cupido" has extra-large "flowers" (the white bracts).The Spathiphyllum is known for its air-purifying powers and helps improve the humidity in the house. And that is a plus especially in the winter, when the heating is being used more often!

You can also exchange the mini Christmas trees in the house for smaller house plants. Our favorites for 2021:

• Anthurium – have you already met the Anthurium "Joli Pulse" from Karma Plants? Light pink flowers that turn bright pink over time.

• Peperomia "Hovaria"

• Vriesea "Lacy"

• Pickle plant - is officially known as the "Delosperma echinatum" and has pickle-shaped leaves.

• Begonia masoniana

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Images via Bloemen Bureau Holland.