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Be(e) Friendly

The month May is dedicated to the bee, an initiative of Tuinbranche Nederland. Bees are invaluable for a healthy garden. 80% of the crops depend on bees to grow properly. Unfortunately, we see fewer and fewer wild bees in nature because nesting and feeding places are too far apart and separated by stone and asphalt. That is why it's important to create awareness and to offer consumers tools for making their garden Bee Friendly.

Tips for more bees

1. Provide nesting places. This can easily be done by leaving dead wood in the sun, but there are also special insect hotels that lend themselves perfectly to this.

2. Go for native plant species. By choosing plants with different flowering periods, an attractive garden for wild bees can be created all year round.

3. Take environmentally friendly measures. Avoid aerosols, granules or other (chemical) pesticides that often contain toxic substances for bees.

At Waterdrinker you will find a wide range of flowers and plants that are Bee Friendly. A good example are the Campanulas and Hebe's of Addenda. The Hebe's will be available from August. We immediately introduce a new variant: Hebe Mucha. The name says it all, muchas! This richly flowering Hebe provides a true color feast in the garden and sits with flower buds. With the Campanula's and Hebe's, the bees are assured of food from March to October due to the high concentration of nectar and long flowering period. The Lavandula of Salm Boskoop is also perfect for supporting the bee population. 

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